Barack Obama is pulling a Jedi Mind Trick on You

November 29th, 2010 Categories: americas collapse, barack obama

This video was made in 2008 a long time ago before Obama or Barry Sotero even became president. I find it funny how it is still relevant today. Im sure there are still some sheeple out there who think Obama is the greatest president ever. But those that are unemployed and scratching and struggling to survive and feed there family are a little more in touch with reality. Obama is just a puppet and a pawn in the new world orders game plan. He plays the part very well, America is in a sad state and on the brink of complete collapse. I cannot emphasize this enough , what you see on T.V is not real, 99% of it is controlled and what your read is controlled. Things are really bad people are starving and jobs do not exist anywhere. The great president Obama is doing a good job of putting the Jedi Mind Trick on all his supporters and fools who voted for this imposter. Don’t get me wrong Bush was the same thing it was just one big set up for the downfall of America. Enjoy the Video ….

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One Response to “Barack Obama is pulling a Jedi Mind Trick on You”

  1. November 30th, 2010 at 06:02

    Come Quickly lord jesus!.

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