Can America survive 4 more years with Obama as a puppet president

October 1st, 2012 Categories: americas collapse, barack obama, the fall of america

One thing that will ring true no matter how hard the liberal media tries to paint a rosy picture for Obama. Since Obama has been in office the price of gas has doubled, the price of groceries have doubled, energy costs are up. Since Obama took over taxes are higher,house’s are not worth anything and we are still at war. Since Obama took over there are more homeless people on the streets than there have been in over 70 years. Obama has put over 50 million people on welfare and the unemployment rate is 30% in all urban areas. America’s credit rating has fallen twice since Obama has been in office the first time in US history. Obama has not done one thing to make it better just 100’s of things to make it worse. Can America survive 4 more years of Obama without the total economic collapse of America ? The answer is America will fall to third world status if Obama is in charge for 4 more years.

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