Test Your Movie Knowledge: What Are The 9 Types of Producers?

When watching the ending credits of a movie, you may notice that there are several producers involved. However, according to the “Producers Guild of America” (PGA), the real producer is the one the movie is “produced by”. This is the one person responsible for the production of the film who gets the highest ranked producing credit for the movie.

Producers have many important responsibilities, and sometimes the producer is also the director of the movie. When this happens, not only do they have to take care of the film’s finances, production, distribution, and marketing. But they also direct the cast, manage the features and creative side as well as work with the editors to assist with production and progress in managing and finalizing the films.

Often, especially in well-funded productions, the producer can hire other producers to work under him/her and help with film production.

The Different Types of Producers

1. What the Main Producer does

The main producer initiates, controls, coordinates, supervises, etc., all phases of the movie or television productions including financial, creative, administrative, and technological. They may be a producer and board member who either works for themselves or for a production studio.

2. What an Executive Producer does

An executive producer leads the other producers of the production project while assisting the main producer in performing all required duties. An executive producer of a television series may also be the writer of the series.

3. What the Associate Producer does

An associate producer’s job involves specific duties delegated to him/her by the main producer who hired him/her. They work under both the main and executive producers.

4. What a Co-Producer does

Co-producers consist of two or more producers who perform cumulatively or jointly all of a producer’s job functions as a team.

5. What a Supervising Producer does

A supervising producer is hired by the main producer either to assist or act as the executive producer and supervises the other producers. They may also perform some or all functions of producers.

6. What a Segment Producer does

A segment producer only produces some of a production with multiple segments where others may produce the other segments.

7. What a Coordinating Producer does

A coordinating producer coordinates the work of multiple individual producers who work separately on one or more productions to achieve unified end results.

8. What a Line Producer does

A line producer performs all of the producer functions to a certain extent that involves supervising all aspects of the film project where the decision-making creative process is reserved for other producers or directors.

9. What a Unit Producer does

A unit production manager is hired during pre-production by the main producer only to perform customary services such as overseeing scheduling and budget of a movie or television show to the end of principal photography.