Cost of end of lease cleaning


Because you definitely don’t want to lose your bond, many people believe that the professional end of a lease cleaner can help you build a property and help run it before you run away.

You can even sell before new owners arrive and a thorough cleaning is required.  No matter what condition you are in, it is helpful to know the cost of cleaning the lease or closing bond, and it is helpful to know if the cleaning staff

Why cleaning the end of the lease is important.

Many tenants wonder if the cost of professional cleaning is reasonable. Our answer? Absolutely! There are many benefits to hiring lease cleaning contractors that you would not otherwise be able to access.

1-Professional Cleaning- No matter how well you clean, the truth is that it is often not as good as professional cleaning. We have the knowledge, experience, skills, time and equipment needed to solve any cleaning project quickly and efficiently for highly professional completion.

2-Accelerated Finishing – Professional cleaners know how to get things done quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. They can complete even the most difficult tasks in less time than the same level of DIY cleaning.

3-Deeper work- End of Lease cleaners usually results in some loose spots or a cleaning that is not deep enough. Professional cleaners use specific checklists, techniques, tools and materials to make sure your property shines from top to bottom.

4-Reducing Stress – Running home is already a difficult time, but reliable cleaners can reduce stress by taking care of one of the most time consuming elements on your to-do list. Hiring a cleaning company on lease can significantly reduce your workload and free up your time so that you can focus on what is really important.

5-Cleaning Guarantee – Really the best cleaning companies like Jim Cleaning offer quality guarantees. This means that if you are not completely happy with the work, we will come back to fix things for you.

6-An early bond return – A good quality will help ensure that your landlord is satisfied with the appearance of your property at the end of your tenancy.  Investing in a professional lease cleaning in New Zealand can get your bond back almost immediately or wait months for your money back. Need a plumbers northridge? Call Mike Stern Plumbing. We will arrive quickly to get the job done right. We offer same day service at no extra cost!

What are the standard inclusions for eliminating lease cleaning?

When you book a bond cleaner, standard cleaning usually takes 4-6 hours (depending on the size of your home and the number of cleaners available) and includes the following services:

 *All windows cleared (inside and out)

 *Clean the inside and top of all cupboards.

 *Clean all the walls

 *Any window accessories (such as blinds and curtains) were cleaned.

 *All light fittings are cleaned to remove dirt and insects, then polished.

  *All floors vacuum and moped

  *All window tracks have been cleared.

  *Oven clean

   All surfaces are erased and any stains or marks that did not already exist are removed.


If you want the best quote to end lease cleaning, you can fill out an online form.  You can also get huge discounts at the end of lease cleaning packages.