Eight Steps to Take Now to Help You Prepare for the coming collapse of America

Eight Steps to Take Now to Help You Prepare for the coming collapse of America.


1. Make sure your basic backup supplies are in order. This includes adequate food, water and sanitation supplies for at least a two week period and preferably a month or even longer.


2. Take stock of your first aid kit to insure that you have sufficient medical supplies, remedies and prescription drugs. For ideas, see the first aid section of this article.


3. Secure your home and have extra wood and boards to secure all doors and windows. You might have to board up and barricade to prevent looters from breaking in, they will avoid boarded up houses and move on to easier targets.


4. Make sure you own a firearm and stock up on ammo and practice shooting at the range. Teach all family members how to use firearms and how to defend themselves against the roving mobs that will come.


5. Try and form a community of like minded people that will drill together and that will band together for protection and safety during times of chaos.


6. Stockpile gold and silver if you can afford to. The paper money will become worthless when the economy collapses and the barter system will take over then the gold system.


7. Accumulate goods for barter. When the stores are closed – or the supermarket and hardware store shelves are empty – you may need to call on others for the supplies you need but did not anticipate. Have something to barter. Spirits (including beer, wine and good old Jack Daniels) are always good choices as as are candles, batteries and food items including fresh eggs and home grown garden vegetables and seeds.


8. Water purification pills are a must as the water supply will get cut off when the economy collapses. The only other option will to boil water to make it drinkable.


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