If you want to Survive the Economic Collapse Buy Silver Now

The Economy is not going to recover it is on borrowed time right now. Do not believe anything you read or see on Television that says the economy is growing or houses are selling and the unemployment is down. These are all false statements made by the government to fool the general public and to keep the panic at a tolerable level.

The economic collapse of America is coming and it is picking up speed at a rapid pace. The price of gas is probaly rising as I am sitting here writing this post. I predict gas will hit $5.50 a gallon by the middle of summer, that should be enough to put the whole economy into a tailspin. The only thing that is stable right now is precious metals investing. To the average joe who does not deal in the stock market and does not understand how it works, it is understandable. But I will dumb it down as best as I can that you may understand. The value of the dollar is horrible now, the dollar is almost worthless or heading that way real fast. What this means is if you have $1000 dollars hidden under your mattress it could become worthless if the dollar and the economy collapse’s. This would mean the only form of money in America would be Silver and Gold. Right now everyone with any sense at all is knee deep in buying silver and gold. Silver is at a all time high and those in the know continue to buy precious metals. If you have any money at all you need to move it all into silver. Buy Silver and wait this economic collapse out. The American dollar is just about finished, your money will become worthless over night, your only saving grace might be that you listened to me and bought silver and you can actually buy things your family needs in the middle of all the suffering that is to come.

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