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November 12th, 2010 Categories: politics

New world Order Pawns in the game of Politics

Saul Anuzis to challenge Michael Steele for his seat

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele, who presided over the GOP midterm election triumphs, isn’t going to get a free ride, if as expected, he seeks another two years as head of the party organization. Saul Anuzis, former head of the Michigan GOP and a candidate for national chair in 2009, said Friday he will challenge Steele, whose leadership has been marred by gaffes and controversial comments.

Anuzis said the Republican Party “cannot be misled by our victories this year. Chairman Steele’s record speaks for itself. He has his way of doing things, I have mine.” By being the first candidate to announce his intentions, Anuzis hopes to emerge as the early first choice among anti-Steele elements on the 168-member Republican National Committee, the Washington Post said.

michael steele

Saul Anuzis of Michigan, candidate for chairman of Republican National Committee Steele, the former lieutenant governor of Maryland, has not yet formally announced he will seek re-election to a second term as the front man for the party’s organizational and fundraising arm. But he is widely believed to be preparing for a campaign. His critics regard him as a loose cannon. He once called Afghanistan a war of President Obama’s “choosing,” ignoring the fact that it was launched by President Bush after the 9/11 attacks. On another occasion, he had to back off after calling conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh “incendiary.”

Anuzis, in a statement, seemed to be drawing a contrast between himself and the high-profile Steele. He said would “NOT strive to be he voice or the face of our party.”

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