Russell Brand exposes Msnbc army of actors and the New World Order

November 24th, 2013 Categories: new world order videos

This week British media launched a coordinated attack on boisterous comedian Russell Brand after he gave a jaw-dropping speech calling out fashion label Hugo Boss at the recent GQ Men of the Year ceremony.


Brand then poked fun at MSNBC’s army of “actors” in the back of the shot who were supposedly tweeting, noting that they were merely a gimmick to create the impression that the program was a hotbed of news.


The anchors began to get visibly uncomfortable when Brand made the point that mass media was an operation in changing information “so it suits a particular agenda” and that viewers were being manipulated.


Instead of addressing Brand’s point, the anchors instead obsessed about the comedian’s accent and his clothing.


“You’re talking about me as if I’m not here and as if I’m an extraterrestrial,” responded Brand, “thank you for your casual objectification.”


“I’m a little nervous,” retorted Brzezinski, presumably not used to entertaining guests on her program who act like real people.


When the conversation began to break down, Brand asked , “Is this what you all do for a living?” before hijacking the broadcast to talk about Edward Snowden, the NSA spying scandal and Bradley Manning.


“Look beyond the superficial, that’s the problem with current affairs, you forget about what’s important, you allow the agenda to be decided by superficial information — what am I saying — what am I talking about — don’t think about what I’m wearing, these things are redundant, superficial — don’t be distracted,” said Brand as Brzezinski physically cowered.


Brand, who is a close friend of David Icke and was the only celebrity of note to draw attention to the Bilderberg Group with a recent tweet, is known for broaching topics of conversation which firmly go against the establishment grain. He also follows Alex Jones on Twitter.


His Brand X show routinely features guests from the counter-culture as well as those with controversial political views.


Comedian Russell Brand terrified anchors on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program by lecturing them about how the media distracts from real news by obsessing about superficial distractions.


The irony of Jesse Ventura calling for a new “American Revolution” in a conversation with Brit Piers Morgan is not lost on us but the former Governor of Minnesota asks some awkwardly open questions in this ‘colorful’ interview.

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Ventura asked if the government’s shut down, “That should mean we shouldn’t have to pay any taxes, right?” He called for another American revolution to push back against the “corrupt system” created by Democrats and Republicans in Washington. He told Morgan the two-party system has legalized “bribery” for access, suggesting he’s fed up enough to actually run for president in 2016. Ventura called both parties “gangs,” and Morgan admitted he had to agree, adding that they’re “overpaid, underworked children!” The discussion then veers from Obamacare, Ventura’s run for President, and the JFK conspiracy.

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