The coming invasion by China

December 4th, 2010 Categories: americas collapse, china

Those who will not wake up let them sleep ! Not everyone is meant to make it. America doesn’t seem to get it. We as americans somehow think our land is so special and will never be invaded. It can never happen here , we will Nuke their asses. Keep telling yourself that comforting lie. They have been planning what most Americans think is impossible. They are going to catch America off guard . And when they come,they will come with one thing in mind to let you know you are now a prisoner or a slave. America cannot repay the debt that is owed to China. Eventually we will pay. You must pay what you owe. How long do you think China is going to wait ? They are waiting for the perfect opportunity and with 2 wars going on and a recession and a depression the time will come sooner than you think.  I hope you are ready….

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