In keeping up with the tradition of being the sly diminutive snake of a magician Lionel Messi is, the Argentine has finally revealed his locked-down rage when Cristiano Ronaldo equaled his record of 5 BallonD’ors two years ago.

Despite winning his sixth on Monday night, the Barcelona forward still refuses to admit how much he would love to be proclaim as the best player of all time thanks to his latest individual award. The forward when pressed, unlike Ronaldo, maintain that “he still has no idea” who the best player is.

The award given by France Football has made Ronaldo sympathizers all over the world, including his baby sister cry foul about the merit while forgetting that the Portuguese wasn’t even the best striker in Italy.

The other candidate who was primed for the silverware was Liverpool’s Van Dijk but he hasn’t done much in terms of consistency to make voters believe he is as good as Liverpool fans tries to make the rest of the world believe.

Ronaldo and Messi dominated world football for over a decade so it is going to require more than one lucky season with Liverpool to demand the rights of being handed the tittle.

The debates as to who is actually better will continue to rile on but the sixth collection of football’s golden ball in the part of Messi automatically gives him an edge. Should he clinch the title again next year given that Ronaldo is slowing down, it will become harder to compare and contrast the two.

Statistics have a way of distorting a big picture.

On the same night of Messi’s triumph, Ronaldo was awarded Serie A’s best and the photos online was enough for his “fans” to drool over while sobbing over the outcomes of the main event.